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sometimes love is talking in a whisper
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I play NA TERA Online on the Tempest Reach Server.


All aboard the Bowser Train ⊟

Bowser Car’s time in the spotlight is over, before Super Mario 3D World is even out. It’s all about that Bowser Train now. But even that faces competition from the Bullet Bill Train, and its accompanying giant cat Bullet Bill.

This game.

PREORDER Super Mario 3D World, upcoming releases
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restarted my Y game so they would call me “oujo-sama” (ノ∀ ̄〃)ヘヘヘ

i never lie

13:06 - 4%
◘ My Pokemon Favorites ◘

Favorite Starter: Bulbasaur

Favorite Mid-Evolution Starter: Braixen

Favorite Final Evolution Starter: Meganium

Favorite Pokemon: Espeon/MEGANIUM

Favorite Pokemon Type: Grass

Least Favorite PKMN Type: Fighting

Favorite Pokemon Game: Crystal

Least Favorite Pokemon Game: Emerald, i guess

Favorite Region: Sinnoh \o/

Least Fav Region: Hoenn

Favorite Main Character: Serena or Lyra +_+

Favorite Rival: Silver

Favorite Gang: Team Galactic

Favorite Villain: Ghetsis

Favorite Gym Leader: only one? fuckkk JASMINE

Favorite Elite 4 member: Caitlin

Favorite Champion: Cynthiaaaaa

Favorite Legendary: Lugia

13:03 - 8899%


restarted my Y game so they would call me “oujo-sama” (ノ∀ ̄〃)ヘヘヘ

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i take character customization veRY SERIOUSLY

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What if Tumblr was an RPG?



Number of followers would be your level,
Number of posts would be your attack level,
Number of likes would be your defense level,
Theme of your blog would be your special ability/element

Level: 27

Atk: 454, Def: 484, Special Ability/Element: Flowers..? Cats? ;_; lol

Level: 59

Atk: 86, Def: 94, SA/Element: Tera/Gaming.. lol

18:56 - 1366%

fuck consistency in spriting, this took me like a month

done w/ beautiful ovos for a while

22:13 - 23%

Female Human Steadfast Leather/Archer

Female Amani Steadfast Leather/Archer

aaand done. i’d have loved to post all the ladies, but reality is tragic. ;n;

19:04 - 14%

Female Castanic Steadfast Cloth/Priest and Heavy/Berserker

Female High Elf Steadfast Leather/Warrior and Heavy/Berserker

my boyfriend pointed out that my tera is rather bright, so i had him take some screenshots of his characters from his computer to compare. i also have amani female leather and human leather coming up after this, but that’s where my characters end.

18:58 - 13%

Elin Steadfast Armors, (Cloth/Priest, Heavy/Lancer, Leather/Slayer)

i didn’t see these elsewhere on the web, so everyone that was curious as to what the steadfast armors looked like for elins.. here you go. no edits to color or anything, so what you see is what the default is.

edit: oops ;_; sorry minmin. i was uploading/editing before i saw your lancer post!

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Everybo- …o-oh… 

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im so jealous of those who have the kitty hat… and the cute little crown.. WHERE DO YOU GET THEM.. i need them in my lifeeeeee

you dont understand…

will die…

without them…

Like someone else said, you can buy the kitty hat on the broker or with real money from the cashshop. There are two types of crowns: one comes from the Valeskyr Hunt merchants in Kanstria (Velvet Crown), the other is a prize for winning 500 times in Fraywind Canyon (Battle Crown).

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  • Desert Overwatch

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